The Time is Now to Renovate Your Kitchen

So much of life happens in the kitchen! Between family meals, notes left on the fridge, homework help at the counter, or grabbing a quick snack and conversation on the go, this is the command center of your home. You keep it sparkling clean and maintain your appliances, only to repeat the process after each culinary adventure. All this activity calls for a functional and beautiful space to spend your time. You deserve your dream kitchen!

Exciting right? But before you call a renovation contractor, let’s look at the elements of kitchen remodeling and do our research. Once you’re up to speed on the variety of upgrades, you’re ready to choose an experienced kitchen renovation contractor in Nevada. A proper remodel involves a medley of selections to customize your ideal space.

  • Flooring– Consider what suits you and your needs. Hardwoods, laminate, and tile vary in looks, longevity, and durability. You can make a major design statement or keep it subtle. You get to decide the materials, colors, and texture, based on your lifestyle. Your contractor can assist in developing continuity with other elements of the design.
  • Countertops– Granite, quartz and marble are stylish and durable choices. Busy households require a surface that’s heat resistant and impervious to stains and moisture. Your skilled Las Vegas kitchen remodeler will suggest a configuration and material that complements your other design choices. 
  • Cabinets– Replacing old cabinets uplifts the look of your space instantly. Your cabinet choice can blend into the atmosphere, tie-in various design aspects, or act as the centerpiece of your dream kitchen. An expert contractor can advise your selection amongst the expanse of fashionable options.
  • Appliances– Exchange your old, energy-consuming appliances for newer efficient models with a state-of-the-art look. Cooking and food prep will be a chore no more, and you’ll feel like a chef in your luxurious and functional kitchen! 
  • Lighting– You’ll need to light your path to cooking bliss in your newly remodeled kitchen. Your choice sets the mood, creates ambiance, and anchors the room. Opting for chandeliers, spotlights, pendants, under-cabinet, or recessed lights is the final touch in refinishing your dream kitchen. Fixture upgrades are an excellent way to create a dramatic or calming effect in your space. 

Armed with inspiration and ideas for all the facets of kitchen redesign, you’re ready to take the next step. Hire a skilled and professional construction team to complete your renovation, and let the fun begin!

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